Small Furniture - How To Arrange The Tighter Spaces In Your Home

At last, after months of hardship you’ve finally gotten the keys to your dream home. But the hard work isn’t over just yet, now you’re faced with the task of furnishing your new pad.

Admittedly, this doesn’t sound like much of a challenge, but designing the layout for the smaller spaces in your new home requires thoughtfulness and creativity, it truly is one of the trickier furnishing affairs.

Fear not though, decorating small spaces with furniture that captures your style simply requires inventiveness and handy space-saving pointers. In this article, Unique Home will reveal some of the industry's top tips and tricks for creating the illusion of space in a previously cramped room. 

Use Light

Those of you designing a room to be more spacious should look to light as one of your greatest allies. 

The reflective qualities of bright colours can give a room an open airy feel and maximise the effects of natural light, darker colour schemes on the other hand will make a room appear smaller because of its absorptive properties.  

The Antique Brass Floor Lamp With 5 Lights or Sorrento Antique Brass 3 Light Floor Lamp & Shade act as stylish solutions to creating more light in a room with the added bonus of having tall vertical shapes that trick the eye into thinking a space is taller than it is by diverging your sight line from the main body of the room to the ceiling’s emptier heights… don’t worry we don’t fully understand how it works either, but the results speak for themselves!

Make Use Of Every Single Inch

Striking a balance between visual aesthetic and functionality is difficult for any interior designer, new or experienced… but it is possible. 

The more sociable among you who’ve given up hope on entertaining guests in your cosy new abode needn’t worry, there’s plenty of furniture available to you to maximise space in your home.

An essential practice when it comes to maximising interior space is opting for multi-functional furniture. Take enclosed storage items, they double as a side table and a storage space which can effectively cut the clutter in a room down by half. 

The Georgia Bedside Table and Hadley Storage Ottoman are perfect alternatives to the standard clunky storage pieces you’d find in most living rooms. 

We’re also obsessed with nested tables at Unique Homes, they’re stylish, discreet solutions for those looking to entertain big groups of guests in confined spaces. The Art Deco White Marble Effect Coffee Table and Round Cocktail Nesting Coffee Tables are some of our most popular nested designs (and also feature a rounded design with a smaller footprint than most square-shaped tables). 

Pick Furniture That’s Compact And Round

We love sectional décor at Unique Home, who doesn’t? But if you’re looking to furnish a tight space, we’d advise a low-slung, slim-legged Mid-Century Style design as this kind of décor is perfect for creating the illusion of space. 

The tight frame and snug size of the Green Velvet Two Seater Sofa With Gold Legs and Small Grey Velvet Sofa can give a room a light airy feel without compromising on it’s contemporary aesthetic. 

Utilise Mirrors 

Typically we think of mirrors as furniture pieces that belong in the bathroom or bedroom, but if you’re decorating a small home you’re going to need to rethink the role mirrors play in a home.

Mirrors have the remarkable ability of boosting the sense of space in a room, but to maximise the wow-factor of the illusion we advise you consider the following

Height Matters

  • Place the mirror around 60 inches above the floor. This is roughly the eye-level of the average person.

Some Light Relief

  • Make sure your mirrors are catching the natural light of a room, this will give it more depth and overall give it a better flow 

Takes Two To Tango

  • What’s better than one mirror… Two! Placing 2 mirrors on adjacent walls will transform any room to far larger than it actually is. 

For maximum space we’d recommend our Newman Wall Mirror or our Rebecca Round Wall Mirror.

Shop At Unique Home For Small Furniture 

Decorating small spaces doesn’t need to be a big challenge, peruse our stock and see how we can transform the cramped nooks in your home today!