How to Use Unique Furniture to Create an Atmosphere in Your Home

Creating an atmosphere within your home is the goal for all great interior designers. It helps to set the tone and mood and give an overall feel for your living space. Using decorative pieces and furnishings elements will give your living space personality and a unique atmosphere, inviting guests and adding that personal touch to your home. Not only is it extremely rewarding to create your own beautiful living space - it will provide individual character to your home and make it truly unique. 

Before starting your unique interior design makeover, you should ask yourself the question - what type of atmosphere do I want to create for this space? Calm and bright? Cozy and warm? Whichever you decide on, Unique Home Furnishing believe there are three important elements to consider: colour, lighting and furniture.

How to Choose the Right Colour Schemes for Your Room?

Quite simply, using the right colours within your living space has a tremendous effect on the overall feeling of your unique space. The use of colour can also portray different feelings in each room. Warmer earthy tones will give the feeling of calmness, or, you could consider a palette of taupes, browns, orange, creams and camels. If you wanted to add a touch of luxury why not use a hint of gold or silver to your furnishings. You could add a venice gold end table to your living room or add slightly more simplistic decorative features, such as a gold bowl or a glamour gold cushion. To contrast, why not try a deep navy aesthetic, giving a rich and dramatic element to your home and incorporate some more neutral furnishings to offset the rich, bold colour scheme.

Currently, one of the biggest interior trends is using bold primary colours in your home to create a simple and classic design element, then using unique furnishings to make the place your very own. Your bold primary colours of red, yellow and blue can be accent colours to bring to life your existing colour scheme. Whites can be used to balance out bold and darker hues. Using an accent shade is a great way to support your decor, particularly if you're not completely comfortable painting a room fully with a solid, bright and bold colour. 

Using Lighting to Create a Unique Atmosphere

Using lighting can help promote a cozy ambience for your home. Particularly in the winter months your home becomes a refuge when it's dark and cold outside. Lovely lighting can create a relaxing atmosphere and a fantastic mood booster for the dreerier days. Similar to many other design aspects, the choice of accents that are set with lighting should be carefully selected. Too much or too little lighting never looks good. Using unique combinations of furniture and light sources will contribute to an inviting and well designed, unique home.

A classic choice for ambient lighting would be using candles to set the scene within your home. Using candles in combination with suitable lighting arrangements can help to highlight the beautiful furniture, materials and décor. The goal is always to create the room's atmosphere without compromising its practical needs. A very popular lighting method would be to use a combination of overhead lighting and lower lights such as wall lights and smaller lamps. Why not try our Gold & Ivory Pendant Light as a beautiful feature over your dining room table, in combination with an exquisite table lamp  Using these together will allow you more control over the atmosphere you wish to create. 

How Does Furniture Create a Unique Atmosphere?

Using Furniture is not only for decoration, but for practical purposes too. If you are looking to accomplish a relaxed atmosphere then you should consider soft, comfortable furniture. Whereas, if you have a room that is intended for working purposes, that the furniture should be aimed at being more practical and workspace friendly such as our Vagus sofa. Whatever design you choose, selecting the colour of your furniture is crucial. You should aim to link it with the colour scheme that you select and match fabric textures to present the same mood as the colour that you choose. 

When you design your unique space, consider the texture and patterns in combination with the smoothness, sight and softness of the decor within the room, paying particular attention to the unique comfort zones within your home. For example, your bedroom should be a tranquil place where you can relax and recharge. It should make you feel secure and comfortable and evoke an invitation and have plenty of personal touches to make it feel unequivocally your unique space.

Why You Should Always Look at the Room as a Whole

Many people make the easy mistake of designing a room and purely thinking of the individual parts rather than looking at the living space as a whole. Frequently, this can lead to spaces that feel unnatural and uncomfortable. It’s important to note - all elements of the room can amplify the unique atmosphere, so be sure to see the big picture. The fantastic element of any skilled interior designer is making all parts work together seamlessly and all portray the same atmosphere you wish to achieve. If you believe that our furnishings can help create a unique atmosphere in your home, contact Unique Home Furnishing today!